About Us

About Us

Welcome to Atal Memorial Cancer Care( AMCC ), an award winning cancer hospital in the heart of Bhopal. AMCC was established in 2018 and within a span of one year it has consulted more than 1000 patients for cancer treatment and has treated and helped several patients in their fight against cancer . AMCC has brought the treatment cost of cancer down very effectively ,by building a compact infrastructure and recruting and training specialized oncology trained staff. AMCC has managed to build a specilized female cancer department where everyone attending the female patient from doctor to the nursing staff to the housekeeping consists of females , thus giving that comfort to the female patient.

AMCC has managed to provide chemotherapy drugs at discounted charges ranging from 10% to 40% discount on the MRP ,thus reducing the chemotherapy charges substantially . AMCC has vowed to fight cancer at the micro level and not just fight the disease but also fight the social and financial difficulties faced by the patient. Jai Hind


In India, the biggest problem today towards treatment of cancer is lack of awareness and delayed treatment. To counter that AMCC has formed a team of social workers who travel to different parts of the country to spread awareness about cancer and counsel patients who might be in need of cancer treatment and further guide them to the center.


We aspire to reach every corner of this vast country by roping different already established hospitals by providing our franchise and eventually provide cancer treatment to as vast the population as possible.

We aim to bring swift, transparent and empathetic approach to cancer care, where money does not become a factor for patient's lack of treatment. AMCC will become the benchmark of swift and reasonable cancer treatment in India and that’s our dream.