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In India the biggest problem today towards treatment of cancer is awareness and late treatment, to counter that AMCC has formed a team of social workers who travel to different parts of the country to spread the awareness and check if anyone needs help and then guide them to the centre .

Vision & Target

We aspire to reach every corner of this vast country by roping different already established hospitals by providing our franchise and eventually provide cancer treatment to as vast the postulation as possible .

We aim to bring swift , transparent and emphatic approach to cancer care ,where money doesn’t not become a factor to someone’s lack of treatment .AMCC will become the benchmark of swift and reasonable cancer treatment in India and that’s our dream.

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Dr Sameesksha Dubey
Medical Oncologist
Atal Memorial Cancer Care

Cancer Screening lecture for general physicians as outreach programme of AMCC

Dr Sanjog Singh
Head & Neck Surgeon
Atal Memorial Cancer Care

Addressing doctors in Mumbai about screening in cancer surgery and formation of a Cancer registry

Dr. Suyash Dubey


Kremedine Health

Dr Suyash is the founder of Kremedine Health under who's leadership Atal Cancer Care and kremedine pharma are subsidiaries. A young and dynamic doctor from Bhopal, Dr Suyash believes in growth with development of people and and country, he has an incredible perspective towards the cancer treatment arena by making a symbiotic association of cancer drug manufacturing and cancer treatment centre, he has managed to get the nerve of how to provide swift and affordable cancer treatment to everyone.