Cancer Blog

Cancer is a large group of diseases caused when cells of any part of the body divides uncontrollably and invades adjoining structures or spread to the other organs. Globally, cancer is the second leading cause of death and according to WHO’s 2018 data, 9.6 million estimated deaths were reported due to cancer. Every one in 15 Indians will die of cancer as per 2018’s data. Cancer of the breast, oral cavity, cervix, lungs, stomach and colon or rectum were the most common type of cancer in India.
Other commonly known names of cancer are tumor, neoplasm or malignancy.
Cancer is a deadliest disease which needs impromptu treatment as soon as the diagnosis is confirmed. Cancer treatment requires a multidisciplinary approach from beginning to end including medical oncologist, oncosurgeons, radiologist, intensivist, pathologist, radiation oncologist etc. To fight with cancer, self believe and will to fight is as important as finding a good doctor or hospital for diagnosing it correctly and providing the best possible care during treatment.