Cancer Care

At AMCC, cancer is what we know best. At the heart of our approach is the idea that the best treatment for one patient may not be the right one for you. Learn more about how we diagnose and treat cancer, find out how we screen for and assess your cancer risk, and get educational materials as well as information on the innovative treatments we’re evaluating through our program of clinical trials.

Cancer Types

At AMCC, we care for people with all types of cancer and allied diseases. Find detailed information about our approach to diagnosis and treatment, doctors who specialize in your type of cancer, and links to related news and resources.

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Risk Assessment & Screening

Certain factors, including family history, may increase your chance of developing cancer. Atal Memorial Cancer Care recognizes the importance of assessing your cancer risk and of detecting the disease early, when there is the greatest chance of a cure.

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About Diagnosis & Treatment

Cancer diagnosis and treatment at Atal Memorial Cancer Care involves a team of experts in radiology, pathology, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and symptom management. Learn more about our approach to diagnosis and treatment,..

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