Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer diagnosis and treatment at Atal Memorial Cancer Care involves a team of experts in radiology, pathology, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and symptom management. Learn more about our approach to diagnosis and treatment, what to expect as an AMCC patient or caregiver, and how we help you manage symptoms and side effects.

Your Cancer Care Team

At AMCC, patient care is a team effort. Each of our patient care teams combines the skills and experience of several healthcare professionals, many of whom specialize in diagnosing and treating one type of cancer.

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Detecting cancer

Accurately diagnosing your cancer is crucial to deciding which care plan will be most effective for you. In addition to a physical examination, doctors use the results of many tests such as blood and imaging tests and biopsies to diagnose cancer.

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Cancer Treatment Options

Treatments for cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, as well as newer techniques such as interventional radiology and immunotherapy. Find basic information about cancer treatment and learn more about what to expect…

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